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The Atlas of Vanishing Landscapes (2015)

A weeping ice-cap sits patiently in your bathroom waiting for you to return from work, you feel a pang of guilt as you’ve not thought about it for a while. A giant iceberg materialises in the financial district – is it a harbinger, a signal or a ghost? There is financial risk behind this calving digital glacier, And who will tend it?

We experience a vanishing glacier intimately and absent-mindedly in a world of chaotic cause and effect, where the data from our everyday activities accumulates and acts as invisible and abstract forces on a distant land. By creating a parallel reality, Yufei of our Department of Ghost Cartographies has reconstructed a fragile nature by translating the live city data-scape into a set of digital landscape apparitions. In this artificial geography, we drift along the dashed routes and contour lines, on an ever-changing map of a data driven landscape. The digitised terrain is presented as an instrument, appearing and vanishing in response to our daily consumptions.

Project Page in AA Project Review 2015
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