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Richard Demarco Archive and Gallery (2013)

Dundee has suffered in the recent past from a poor self-image and pessimism about its built environment. The project aims to make proposals for the Demarco photographic gallery & archive. The focus of the building will therefore be galleries to put archive material on public display in addition to visiting exhibitions. These should be related to the main archive to allow for specialist access for students and researchers, yet maintain a high degree of security for the collection.

The design tends to bring in Dundeeā€™s past image of a harsh, industrial city to the present, that awaits to be discovered and revived. It sits in the middle of the residential district between Perth Road and Roseangle Road in Dundee. The L shape main building body fits in the urban fabric on the site, with a side wall standing by the corridor as exterior circulation, making interaction between the internal and external environment. The design is looking for a transit from external to internal, void to solid, fragment to unit in terms of concept. persp4.jpg persp1.jpg persp2.jpg axonometric.jpg D1 section.jpg D2 section.jpg smallsketches.jpg section long half.jpg models2.jpg